Welcome to the conference

Greetings, NUAS member!

On behalf of our groups we welcome you to the NUAS conference in Arhus. The focal point is the university learning environment and the envisaged changes regarding organisation, structure and student population.   

Our keynote speakers are the following experts: Kirsti Lonka and her team will help us envision the  learning environment by looking at processes, places, services and users,  Marie Leijon will take a closer look at the interactions taking place in a learning environment, and Dina Andersen will focus on the the students’ interaction in learning environments.

We would like to emphasize the aspects of co-creation and collaboration during the conference. It has become clearer that the issues regarding a learning environment at a higher education level have a crossover point for our NUAS groups. With the valuable learning and discussion that will take place during the conference, we can magnify our efforts and impact at our home universities.

We hope that your time in Arhus will inspire and encourage you to take action in your field and extend your professional and personal network.
See you in Arhus!

Venlig hilsen (Danish)
Bestu kveðjur (Icelandic)
Parhain terveisin (Finnish)
Beste hilsen (Norwegian)
Bästa hälsningar (Swedish)

NUAS Executive Board 2015 in Aarhus
Jónína Kárdal, Student Administration and Career Counselling & Guidance
Pia Södergård, Library Service
Ari Nisonen, Facilities and Environment
Kuno Öhrman, Information Technology

The conference is now fully booked

The conference – as well as the waiting list – is now fully booked.

In case you have received an email saying that you're placed on a waiting list, kindly note that we cannot guarantee your participation but will contact you in case of cancellations.